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An experimental treatment using spinal stimulation for paralysis recovery has demonstrated amazing results.

In this new video, Jack Jablonski describes his experience participating in the world’s largest clinical trial using spinal stimulation treatment to restore hand and arm function for 24 people living with chronic complete quadriplegia.

An experimental treatment using spinal stimulation for paralysis recovery has demonstrated amazing results for more than 100 patients in dozens of clinical research studies published in medical journals since 2011. The question is no longer ’if’ spinal stimulation works.

2011 – Read about the first breakthrough study by Drs. Edgerton and Harkema: 2011 Paralysis Recovery Breakthrough

2014 – Read about the study that shocked the world when 4 people responde to stimulation treatment: 2014 Paralysis Recovery Results Shock the world

2017 – Read about the replication and validation study at Mayo Clinic that BEL13VERS made possible: 2017 Mayo Clinic first medical center in the world to validate paralysis recovery results.

There are more than 300,000 Americans living with paralysis. Every 29 minutes, someone else experiences a spinal cord injury resulting in paralysis. All of them are waiting for recovery.

Read more about spinal cord injuries and paralysis: Understanding Spinal Cord Injuries & Paralysis

Read more about spinal stimulation treatment: What is Spinal Stimulation Treatment?

The next step is an FDA Pivotal Trial. It’s the last trial required before the FDA will approve any new medical treatment for use in the clinic. If it passes, then spinal stimulation treatment using the SCONE device will become the FIRST paralysis recovery treatment ever approved by the FDA.

Read more about the SCONE device and the FDA pivotal trial underway right now:

Read more about Jack’s experience with spinal stimulation treatment using the SCONE device:

Here’s the good news…that Pivotal Trial has already started, and we have some amazing partners too.

90+ participants living with chronic complete paralysis will receive spinal stimulation treatment using the SpineX SCONE device to target bladder & bowel functional recovery at one of 11 world-class medical centers in North America.

Meet the medical centers participating as our partners in this FDA pivotal trial.

Link to post with more detail on scone and bladder recovery.

The first 20 people have already started the treatment and the first $4M is already committed. We need your help to get that last million.

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